We unleash the power of data and analytical modelling to make informed and unbiased decisions.
We turn data into information, information into knowledge, and knowledge into wisdom.


We are DataPower, a brand-new company with decades of experience. A strategic advisory firm working globally to support the decision-making of companies and public administrations. We employ a wide array of quantitative – micro and macro modelling – and qualitative – technology foresight and roadmapping – methodologies to support the formulation and orientation of strategies, the definition of decision-making and organizational processes and for innovation.


Our partnership builds on our complementary analytical, modelling and management skills and our clients entrust our company with the structuring, modelling and collection of data to support their decision-making and strategic processes. We have a common culture and different complementary specialisations to deliver effectively.


Promote globally the culture of data and of data modelling to enable optimal choices.


Clarity and transparency, assessment of sensitivities and biases and the influence on impacts.


We leverage the power of data and of data models to support evidence-based decision-making processes and risk-balanced assessments, focusing on business, industry and institutions helping the definition of strategies, competitive positioning and the optimisation of processes and value chains.

DataPower adopts an integrated approach, which blends data research, modelling, but also qualitative data collection and research, which are essential to put the results of the quantitative modelling into perspective.

Business and Industrial Processes, Organisations

Process design, Process analysis, Process performance optimisation, Digital Transformation, Supply chains and value chains, Dynamic simulation methods.

Quantitative Models

Business Dynamics models, Operations Research, Cost-Benefit Analysis, Multi-criteria Analysis, Dynamic Simulation, Econometric Modelling.

Risk Management

Assessment and Modelling.

Investment and Innovation. Technological Scenarios.

Investment and innovation evaluation and impacts, ESG impacts, Innovation performance, Investment portfolios evaluation and optimisation. Technology monitoring and deployment scenarios.


Market benchmarking, Benchmarking of ESG performance, Innovation and investment benchmarking, Key Performance Indicators, Sustainability benchmarking.

Human skills and competencies

Competence and skills building, Knowledge Transfer, Integration and deployment in management approaches, strategies and processes.

Environmental, Socio-Economic and Governance Performance

Environmental, Socioeconomic and governance (ESG) impact of businesses and organisations. Environmental sustainability.

Econometrics for societal systems and policies

Economic and econometric modelling of economic, financial, employment impacts of industrial, public policy and programmes and social investment.

Sectoral and regional ecosystems

Design and support to the development of industrial and economic ecosystems, Support to the development of value-chains based on ecosystems.

Vertical competence areas

  • eGovernment and Public sector transformation
  • Macroeconomic analysis and regional development
  • EU services
  • SME innovation consulting
  • Healthcare organisations
  • Transport systems


Riccardo Onori

Riccardo Onori

Founding partner of the company, Riccardo focuses on business processes and their quantitative modelling. He advises companies and organisations on shaping their practices and on the pathways towards organizational learning and skills development.

Luca Alessandro Remotti

Luca is Founding Member and Managing Partner of DataPower. He has over 25 years of experience in the design and analysis of business processes for strategic corporate development, and uses quantitative and qualitative operational, economic and financial data models to support decision-making and to advance organisations and their processes.

Francesco Mureddu

Founding partner of the company. Quantitative data modeler, research and innovation expert, policy designer and evaluator. Francesco undertakes extensive work on innovative ventures, policy measures and their macroeconomic and microeconomic impact.

Fabio Casu

Fabio Casu

Fabio is partner and supports organizations that need to optimize and innovate their processes, identify new organizational and work management models, define the objectives for growth both at the organization and individual level.



Registered office: Via Zeffiro 16, 09126, Cagliari (CA)
Rome office: Via Baldassarre Castiglione, 55, 00142, Roma (RM)